The issues a Computer Diagnostic can help identify
  • Computer hangs, boots slowly, or won’t turn on
  • Sounds like clicking or vibrations, or a really powerful fan
  • Issues with your Internet connection
  • Operating system upgrades and software issues that get stuck
  • Hard drive failure
  • A cracked or malfunctioning laptop screen

How may you benefit from a computer Diagnostic?

When your laptop or computer has a problem, it may be really annoying. This is where the assistance of a trained professional or technical expert will be invaluable in identifying the source of the problem and suggesting a course of action to fix it. The results of a computer diagnostic can help you decide which maintenance or upgrade options are best for your system. The majority of maintenance and upgrades may be finished within a day, and if more time is needed, you will be able to acquire the necessary components from your supplier.

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

# Service Price Description
1 Computer Diagnostics $60 – $80 Identify the nature and cause of your computer issues.
Personal Computers $50, Gaming Computers $70
2 Express repair $100 This option is for those in a hurry. Usually repaired on the same day if no parts are needed to order. Added to the regular repair cost.
3 Computer Tune-Up and Virus Removal $100+ Removal of all viruses, spyware, and malware, and improves system performance.
(Includes applying recommended security settings, and installing recommended security software)
4 Optimize/Configure New Computer $100 Installs Windows and system updates, improves PC speed and performance, applies recommended security settings, and installs recommended security. (+$50 for data transfer)
5 Windows Operating System Repair $200 Fixes certain problems, such as missing or damaged system files, that might prevent Windows from starting correctly.
6 Windows User Account Repair $100 Fixes certain problems, such as missing or damaged user account files that might prevent a user from logging in.

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